City Focus: Kalispell

This weeks city focus is on Kalispell, Montana, the gorgeous valley with a secret key to Glacier National Park. Rich with Native American influence, Kalispell is directly translated in Salish to “flat land above the lake.” Kalispell is the home to beautiful wildlife, trails, and mountain ranges, all interwoven by strikingly blue lakes nestled between. The vast space of Kalispell is reflected among the open minds that are coming to speak at PechaKucha Night Kalispell Vol. 5. Hope to see you there!

PK People

Our PechaKucha People lens focuses in on Craig Nicholson this week. Craig breaks conventional boundaries and immerses himself in art to do just that. Organizer of PKN Wellington, Craig approaches the world and his work with an intercultural perspective. Between his proficiency in 4 languages and his diverse network, he brings nothing but light and open-mindedness to the PechaKucha family. Thank you for your passion and hard work Craig, it does not go unnoticed. The best of luck to PechaKucha Night Wellington Vol. 34!

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Presentation of the Day

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Jake Ryan

Founder + Director @ Open Bench Project, Open Bench Project in Portland, Maine

Jake Ryan founded the OBP with a mind toward providing a place for people to gather around the idea of sharing skills, knowledge, and resources concerning the maker movement, about the process of identifying, collecting and fostering the OBP community, about what makes it “community”. He shares some of the struggles he had to endure for that distinction.

He speaks about what he is doing there, why he advocates for it and why it is both constructive and creative.


Past Presentations of the Day

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Keeping the Dream Alive

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 31, 2018

Joshua GarciaInspiredlbc presents “Keeping the Dream Alive”.
 A great story lined up that will involve past, present, future - and art, family, inspiration and motivation.

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Urban Sketchers

@ VOL 16 ON NOV 10, 2017

Urban Sketchers is a relatively new phenomenon that’s getting people drawing together around the world. Townsville has a group too and it’s recently celebrated its first birthday!

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Painting the Town: Reflections on Christchurch's Relationship with Urban Art...

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 01, 2018

Dr. Reuben Woods is an art historian and writer. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on street art and graffiti in post-earthquake Christchurch. Reuben believes that graffiti and street art have played a central role in the city's recovery and renewal. As a post-graduate in the Art History and Theory Department, he seeks to engage a wider audience with the city's intriguing and evolving relationship with urban art by exploring the various narratives and personalities that form these diverse cultures. Reuben also contributes to the website Watch This Space and hosts guided tours of the city's urban art.

In this talk, Reuben reflects on Christchurch’s relationship with street art that has emerged following devastating earthquakes. He tells us how street art can have a significant impact on the built environment and how Christchurch is a space for artists to respond and react.


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The Life of Pots

@ VOL 157 ON MAY 30, 2018

Ceramic maker Laima Grigone shares her passion for making functional tableware and the philosophy of the handmade movement.

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